Grant activities

KCRI in collaboration with Klaster LifeScience Kraków on 6-8 November 2017 took part in BioEurope 2017 in Berlin as the part of “PROmocja potencjału gospodarczego BIORegionu MAŁOPOLSKA na arenie międzynarodowej (ProBio Małopolska)” project implementation.

BIO-Europe is an annual event being the largest biotechnology partnering conference held in Europe. Over 3,800 global decision makers from biotechnology, pharma and finance annually attend BIO-Europe to identify new business opportunities and develop strategic relationships. Business development executives and dealmakers consider BIO-Europe a must-attend event and an effective business strategy enabling them to meet and present to numerous potential partners. BIO-Europe features the industry’s most advanced web-based partnering system enabling delegates from all parts of the biotechnology value chain to quickly identify, engage and enter into strategic relationships that drive their business successfully forward.

Besides providing quality research services for our industry clients, we are also committed to be an active participant in, and contributor to advancing the clinical science and to the innovative product and process development.

To that end, KCRI has an ongoing in-house initiative to seek research and development funding opportunities from Polish, European and other International sources and match them with our interest and expertise, as well as with those of our Partners’. We apply and participate as a main grant recipient or as a partner in multi-institution consortia or as a subcontractor.

We are an active participant in projects under Polish, European and International Programmes.

Ongoing projects:.

Project „Integrated device system for transcatheter closure of paraVAlvular LEaks (VALE)”

project n° STRATEGMED2/269488/7/NCBIR/2015 cofinanced by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR – Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju) under STRATEGMED – Polish strategic R&D program in health field „Prevention practices and treatment of civilization diseases”.
[18.05.2016] Zapytanie ofertowe: SAS license
[01.06.2016] Rozstrzygnięcie zapytania ofertowego z 18.05.2016
[08.06.2016] Zapytanie ofertowe: SAS training
[22.06.2016] Rozstrzygnięcie zapytania ofertowego z 08.06.2016
[15.06.2016] Zapytanie ofertowe: Open Clinica Enterprise + Regulatory Package
[24.06.2016] Rozstrzygnięcie zapytania ofertowego z 15.06.2016: Open Clinica Enterprise + Regulatory Package
[24.08.2016] Zapytanie ofertowe: MATLAB
[24.08.2016] Zapytanie ofertowe: Serwer z urządzeniami peryferyjnymi
[25.08.2016] Zapytanie ofertowe: Przeglądarka diagnostyczna
[30.08.2016] Aktualizacja zapytania ofertowego z 25.08.2016: Przeglądarka diagnostyczna
[07.09.2016] Rozstrzygnięcie zapytania ofertowego z 24.08.2016: MATLAB
[07.09.2016] Rozstrzygnięcie zapytania ofertowego z 24.08.2016: Serwer z urządzeniami peryferyjnymi
[08.09.2016] Zapytanie ofertowe: Serwer z urządzeniami peryferyjnymi
[13.09.2016] Rozstrzygnięcie zapytania ofertowego z 25.08.2016 (aktualizowanego 30.08.2016): Przeglądarka diagnostyczna
[16.09.2016] Rozstrzygnięcie zapytania ofertowego z dnia 08.09.2016: Serwer z urządzeniami peryferyjnymi
[26.06.2017] Zapytanie ofertowe: Przeprowadzenie specjalistycznego szkolenia z tomografii komputerowej
[05.07.2017] Rozstrzygnięcie zapytania ofertowego z dnia 26.06.2017: Przeprowadzenie specjalistycznego szkolenia z tomografii komputerowej



Project „The effect of intracoronary reinfusion of bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells (BM-MNC) on all-cause mortality in acute myocardial infarction (BAMI)” (2011-2016)
project n° EALTH-F4-2011-278967 under The Seventh Framework Programme for Research.

Completed projects:

  • Project „Innovative methods of steam cells applications in medicine” (2009-2015)
    project n° POIG 01.02-00-109/09 under European Union Structural Funds – Innovative Economy Operational Programme
  • Project „WROVASC – Integrated Cardiovascular Center” (2007-2013)
    project n° POIG.01.01.02-02-001/08-00 under European Union Structural Funds – Innovative Economy Operational Programme.

Project initiatives

KCRI as a consortia partner.
KCRI is interested in participation in national and international consortia for health and technological R&D and innovation projects.

KCRI as a project facilitator.
If you have an interesting R&D project in health or technology field and think KCRI could be a suitable partner, KCRI can help you in project conceptualization, development and submission.