About KCRI

KCRI was founded in Krakow, the educational and cultural heart of Poland, in 2004 by a group of university physicians.

KCRI is a full-service clinical research and education organization that serves the Sponsors as a gateway  to a comprehensive portfolio of:

  • Study design, development and execution via its ISO-certified clinical research department, core laboratories and data management/biostatistics division
  • Legal representation and regulatory support
  • Physician expertise both for trial-specific needs and product development
  • Customized problem solving and remediation/recovery of problematic studies
  • Education of health care and research professionals

KCRI manages around 60 long-term clinical projects per year and conducts daily operations in 20+ countries.


Letter from CEO

Dear Madam or Sir,
Dear Visitor,

KCRI is a full-service clinical research and education organization launched in 2004 by interventional cardiologists and clinical personnel from Krakow University Hospital. Its original mission was to support a burgeoning field of clinical research in Poland and Central Europe. Initially it was focused on interventional cardiovascular medicine and devices, which to this day remains our key specialty. To this end, it included from the very beginning a cardiovascular imaging core laboratory, the first of its kind in Poland and Eastern Europe, and the only one to this day in the region.

Our links to the academic community remain very strong and we have an unusually high proportion of physicians working hands-on or consulting on the projects we manage for our Sponsors. We take pride in the fact that we have helped in developing this kind of service in the region, educated some of the first professionals in the area, and helped many Industry Sponsors in venturing into Poland and Central Europe for the first time. Many of these clients have happily remained with us to this day.

Since inception we have grown to offer a comprehensive portfolio of research services in all specialties of medicine. We have evolved from a small operation supporting local academic projects to a mature professional organization with presence spanning entire Europe, Russia and Middle East, and partners in both Americas.

We take pride in what sets us apart from typical research service providers:
• personal approach
• in-depth understanding research requirements via in-house physician expertise
• experience and focus on start-up endeavors and early innovation
• reasonable prices

We realize that there are many CROs providing excellent professional services and we are honored to also have many very satisfied clients. But where we feel we really shine is the human factor – it is our culture and nature to build close, personal relationship with our customers and investigators alike, and as a consequence go the extra mile for them on a regular basis. Our moderate size affords that, and we feel we’d rather keep it that way. Also, having worked with many clients we have found it particularly rewarding that there is often a unique cultural and mental synergy that we have grown to appreciate and want to cultivate. Last but not least – we have an edge in Central and Eastern Europe because, simply, we are from here. We have long-lasting, often personal, relationships with local key opinion leaders, core cardiology sites and regulators. This allows us to skillfully navigate the intricacies of the local health care and regulatory landscape – so that you do not have to. Last but not least, our another unique asset is that, despite our relatively small size, we have an unusually high proportion of MDs in key positions, all of them trained and experienced in clinical research. This allows us to truly provide top quality oversight for your research on the ground, and a uniquely deep understanding of your research needs.

We would be delighted to personally answer any questions you may have, and would be very grateful for giving us the opportunity to serve your research needs.

Truly yours,


Lukasz Partyka MD PhD
Chief Executive Officer