Medical Devices

KCRI can help researchers and inventors who wish to commercialize their research products by supporting the patenting/licensing process, by facilitation of start-up creation & by consultancy

KCRI Consultancy is capable of:

  • Facilitating access  of external organizations to academic expertise &        resources
  • Helping to identify and manage commercialization opportunities
  • Arranging external services (including consultancy) work

Areas of activity and expertise:

  • Viability of business idea and market relevance
  • Interdisciplinary development of new technologies
  • Identification of investment opportunities
  • Subject matter expertise for product development
  • Transfer of technology  & innovation management

Benefits of KCRI Consultancy:

  • Intellectually stimulating
  • Helps client organizations & wider society
  • Fosters relationships leading to research and development
  • Assists research & teaching
  • Provides data and evidence to demonstrate research impact
  • Broadens career horizons