KCRI is a full-service clinical research and education organization

Our clients trust our experience and efficiency. They see us as seasoned experts who offer guidance on the complex field of clinical trials. Check if you have what it takes to become one of the heroes on the KCRI team.



Complete spectrum of services in clinical research certified with ISO 9001 and IEC/ISO 27001

Expert team

Highly qualified Team of MDs, PhDs, Engineers, MBAs and JDs

Medical devices experts

Unique expertise in the research of class III medical devices and implants

Cooperation with universities

Strong ties to local universities and scientists

Physician support

Physician expertise and support for trial-specific needs, product development and business development

Project Savers

Experience with remediation and recovery of problematic projects

Core Laboratory

We offer unique in-house Core Laboratory services

Start ups

We boast extensive experience with start-up companies

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