About us

KCRI boasts over 18 years
of field-tested effectiveness
in clinical research



KCRI, which was founded in Krakow by a group of university physicians, is a full-service clinical research and education organization that serves the Sponsors as a gateway to a comprehensive portfolio of:

  • 01. Study design, development and execution via its ISO-certified clinical research department, core laboratories and data management/bio statistics division
  • 02. Regulatory support
  • 03. Physician expertise both for trial-specific needs and product development
  • 04. Customized problem solving and remediation/recovery of problematic studies
  • 05. Education of health care and research professionals
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KCRI manages around 60 long-term clinical projects per year and conducts daily operations in 20+ countries.


Łukasz Partyka Chief Executive Officer
Agnieszka Górowska Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
Beata Chęcińska-Tokarz Chief Executive Clinical Operations Officer
Bartosz Daniszewski Chief Clinical Operations Officer
Wojciech Zasada Chief Medical Officer
Agnieszka Ćwiek Chief Clinical Operations Officer
Krzysztof Plens Chief Data Management Officer
Klaudia Proniewska Chief Core Laboratory Officer
Lidia Kabat Chief Safety Officer
Lidia Strzyż-Baydak Chief Quality & Regulatory Compliance Officer
Olga Gorodecka Chief Administrative Officer


KCRI is a nimble and versatile research organization that has developed a network of partners, representatives and cooperating institutions worldwide. Majority of our operations cover European Union countries, but We are able to immediately utilize our connections for study and research purposes as well as expert consensus.

KCRI operates mostly in EU countries and SW with current research activities

Other countries with current or previous operational activities

Other EU countries covered in previous projects



Complete spectrum of services in clinical research certified with ISO 9001 and IEC/ISO 27001

Expert team

Highly qualified Team of MDs, PhDs, Engineers, MBAs and JDs

Medical devices experts

Unique expertise in the research of class III medical devices and implants

Cooperation with universities

Strong ties to local universities and scientists

Physician support

Physician expertise and support for trial-specific needs, product development and business development

Project Savers

Experience with remediation and recovery of problematic projects

Core Laboratory

We offer unique in-house Core Laboratory services

Start ups

We can boast extensive xperience with start-up companies

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Post-Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF)

Post-Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF) is the continuous process of active clinical data collection on the medical device safety and efficacy after market authorization.

PMCF is one of the essential regulatory requirements further emphasized and specified by Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

KCRI will help you collect and use these data for the life cycle management of your device. We developed an efficient and compliant data collection tool to help you in meeting CE (re) certification requirements. It is not only about the data collection, though. Our medical, regulatory, and statistical team will develop the entire PMCF strategy, following state-of-the-art methods and supporting you during the whole process.

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